EQ Documentation

Equalization Procedures Guide

Change to Butane Valuation in Stream WADF Calculation

NEW: Notice to Shippers- Changes to Condensate EQ Density Penalty Model

NEW: Letter to Industry re Heavy Allowance Oil Price Changes

Supporting Studies

Analysis of Blending Data Used in the Condensate EQ Model

Value of Sulphur in Condensate – Executive Summary

Condensate Density Penalty Modifications Study

Equalization Models

Equalization Model Overview

NEW Model – Effective from the production month of January 2019: Condensate Equalization Model 2018

Previous Model – Effective until production month of December 2018: Condensate Equalization Model

Crude Equalization Model

Crude Oil and Condensate Equalization Calculator

Related Information

NEW 2020 : Reference Temperature

Enbridge Reference Temperatures – 2019

CRW Pool Specifications

Enbridge Commodity Map